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Are you ready for the next challenge? In Northern Thuringia, in the center of Germany, interesting and diverse projects await you! If you are interested in an offer, don`t hesitate to contact us! Send us your CV, certificates, reviews etc. Our services are free of charge!



Electrical system installer (m/f)
ESN-Offer-electrical sys. installer 07.2[...]
PDF-Dokument [309.9 KB]
Supervisor on construction (m/f)
ESN-Offer-Supervisor on constr 07.2018.p[...]
PDF-Dokument [311.6 KB]
Welder (m/f)
PDF-Dokument [312.1 KB]
Project Civil Engineer (m/f)
ESN-Offer-project civil engineer.03.2018[...]
PDF-Dokument [314.6 KB]
Metal worker (m/f)
ESN-Offer-metal worker.03.2018.pdf
PDF-Dokument [311.7 KB]
Mechanical engineer (m/f)
ESN-Offer-mechanical engineer.03.2018.pd[...]
PDF-Dokument [310.7 KB]
Electrician (m/f)
PDF-Dokument [311.8 KB]
CNC Machine Operator (m/f)
ESN-Offer-cnc operator.03.2018.pdf
PDF-Dokument [311.0 KB]
Superintendent (m/f)
PDF-Dokument [312.3 KB]
Mechanic for Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning Systems (m/f)
PDF-Dokument [314.6 KB]
Lighting Designer (m/f)
ESN-Offer-Ligthing designer.03.2018.pdf
PDF-Dokument [311.8 KB]
Construction Manager and Project Manager for Electrical Engineering (m/f)
PDF-Dokument [315.0 KB]
Specialist Consultant in TGA Electronics (m/f)
ESN-Offer-Consultant TGA electr..03.2018[...]
PDF-Dokument [311.4 KB]
Construction manager and Project manager for fire alarm systems (m/f)
ESN-Offer- FAS.projectconstr.manager.03.[...]
PDF-Dokument [314.5 KB]
Electronics technician (m/f) specializing in energy and building technology
PDF-Dokument [299.1 KB]
EMC test engineer (m/f) / technician (m/f)
PDF-Dokument [349.8 KB]
Engineer (m/f) specializing in architecture / building construction
PDF-Dokument [298.2 KB]
Internship architecture
PDF-Dokument [297.0 KB]
Job offer - service technician/ mechatronics engineer/ locksmith (m/f)
PDF-Dokument [312.0 KB]

Not the right job? More offers can be found on the websites ThAFF, TA-Jobs and NNZ.


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